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[英国]您认为苏格兰是否会独立? [复制链接]

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也就是现在应该是英格兰威尔士北爱尔兰脱离苏格兰的吞并,光荣独立吧? (2014-08-26 10:12) 

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....... (2014-08-16 08:59) 

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法国最水不解释 (2014-09-19 01:07) 




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扬歌海上:苏格兰真的独立了,是不是大不列颠的五常位置就难以保障了? (2018-01-18 14:02) 

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上次蘇聯因為一位叫 Boris 的而解體, 連哈薩克都只好獨立
看看這次蘇格蘭會不會也受惠於 Boris 而獨立
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現在這個 Boris 跟之前那個 Boris 主政時一樣, 都是聯盟領導國家 (英格蘭跟俄羅斯) 比其他分子國更想要拆分整個聯盟

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Another Scottish referendum beckons—and this time the nationalists may win – The other exit negotiations

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IT IS A defining characteristic of the modern Scottish nationalist movement that it refuses to engage in extreme methods to advance its cause. This week, as Spain’s supreme court jailed Catalan separatist leaders for between nine and 13 years for sedition, following an illegal referendum and unilateral declaration of independence in 2017, the Scottish National Party was gathering peacefully in Aberdeen for its annual conference. Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP ’s leader and first minister of Scotland, was quick to condemn the Spanish court’s decision as “dreadful”. When it comes to radical activity, Scottish nationalists might engage in a boisterous march through the streets of Edinburgh or, if especially grumpy, wave some placards outside the “biased” BBC .

This perhaps reflects the fact that Britain has been a union of choice for more than 300 years and has largely operated to Scotland’s advantage. Polls in recent months have shown support for independence creeping up to 50% and above . One reason is Brexit, which Scots opposed 62-38 and whose implementation is proving to be messy. It may not be long before they are once again asked to make such a decision.

Ms Sturgeon says she will request a Section 30 order from Westminster, enabling another referendum, by the end of this year. It seems unlikely that a Conservative government would oblige before the next Holyrood election in 2021. The price of its support would be a second referendum. With their objective suddenly and unexpectedly looming into prospect again, some of the more excitable Scottish nationalists are growing impatient.

“The unhappiness is real and stronger than the leadership would like outsiders to believe. The first minister has long had to balance the SNP ’s gradualists against its fundamentalists. The latter are often loyal to Alex Salmond, who led the party for most of the time between 1990 and 2014, and whose approach to politics was considerably more abrasive and divisive than Ms Sturgeon’s. There is also the matter of Mr Salmond’s trial, due early next year, for attempted rape and other sexual offences.

This, they know, would establish an undeniable mandate for a new referendum. Before then, they want to deepen support for leaving, and drive that 50% figure higher. Despite the grumbles, SNP gradualists still have the upper hand. They believe their lifelong goal of Scottish independence has never been closer, and that playing by the rules will get them across the line sooner rather than later.

And the truth is that Ms Sturgeon, like all clever democrats, doesn’t want to have the fight until she is sure she can win it.
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17th October
Blocking Scottish independence referendum indefinitely is unsustainable, think tank warns
By Evening Times Online

It would be unsustainable for the UK Government to block a Scottish independence referendum if a majority of Scots want one, according to a leading think tank.

In a new report, the Institute for Government (IFG) also suggests the legitimacy of the union could be undermined if a request to hold another vote is continually rejected.

The document, which focuses on the impact of a no-deal Brexit and the union, was highlighted on the day Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a deal had been reached with the European Union.

Under a section titled “Mitigating the risks to the union”, the IFG wrote: “The Scottish Government intends to hold a second independence referendum.

“This will need the agreement of Westminster. However, if there is a clear majority in Scotland for a second vote on independence, it would be unsustainable and counterproductive for the UK Government to block it indefinitely.”

At the SNP conference in Aberdeen, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon restated her position that independence must be achieved through a legally binding referendum.

That was despite calls for a “plan B” approach which would involve starting independence talks with the UK in the event that a pro-independence majority is achieved at the next Holyrood election.

On the potential for the UK Government to block another vote, the report read: “Any attempt to proceed with a second referendum without Westminster explicitly devolving the power to do so would almost certainly be subject to legal challenge and probably a boycott from unionist parties and the UK Government.

“A referendum held in this manner would be unlikely to command widespread legitimacy. It’s clear that the Scottish Government, and other prominent supporters of independence, do not want to go down the path of an unauthorised referendum.”

The report continued: “A continued refusal by the UK Government to devolve the power to hold an independence referendum would become harder to justify if nationalist parties perform well at the next UK general and Scottish parliamentary elections.

“If the UK Government continues to deny a vote in all circumstances, this could further undermine the legitimacy of the union and make for ever-more dysfunctional intergovernmental relations.

“For both practical and principled reasons, the UK Government should ultimately accept that Scotland has the right to secede from the union should a majority of its citizens so desire.”

The report also suggested that potential trade and economic barriers could make the case for Scottish independence more difficult in the event of a hard Brexit.

It said: “There is an argument that the case for Scottish independence might in fact become harder for nationalists to make after a hard Brexit.

“The reason is that if the UK leaves the EU single market and customs union, and Scotland leaves the UK in order to rejoin the EU, then this could lead to new barriers to trade and other economic activity between Scotland and England.”

Keith BrownSNP depute leader Keith Brown said Scotland should and must have the choice to determine its future (Jane Barlow/PA)
SNP depute leader Keith Brown said: “It is self-evident that Scotland can, should and must have the choice to determine our own future with independence.

“This report adds grist to that mill, making clear that the decision Scotland makes must be respected.

“It sends a stern warning to Westminster that continuing to refuse a referendum will completely undermine the legitimacy of an already crumbling union.

“And what right does anybody have to deny the people of Scotland that right to choose our own future? It is a completely unsustainable position, already coming apart at the seams.

“Any form of Brexit will hammer Scotland, as we are dragged out of Europe against our will.

“Westminster’s assault on democracy is untenable, and Scotland will have a choice.”

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zhaohz:不会的。参考苏联解体后的俄罗斯 (2018-01-18 14:22) 

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vladimir:上次蘇聯因為一位叫 Boris 的而解體, 連哈薩克都只好獨立
看看這次蘇格蘭會不會也受惠於 Boris 而獨立 (2019-07-28 08:25) 

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人民民主:不同的是,俄罗斯加盟共和国总统Boris推动苏联解体,英国首相Boris阻碍英国解体 (2019-12-24 16:11) 

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vladimir:大英帝國是因邱吉爾打勝仗而解體的 (2019-12-24 20:47) 

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....... (2014-09-20 15:52) 

I don't care who you are
Where you're from
What you did
As long as you love me
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人民民主:我说的英国指的是现在的英国 (2019-12-25 00:05) 

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